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 Rodrigo Hair Barber Method

         Portuguese language course

Rodrigo Hair Barber will update you on the best haircuts and new trends to pump up your barber shop. ​

Let's explain the process that took me from absolute zero to one of the most renowned barbershops in my city and already opening other units even abroad.

Método Evolution Hair 

         Portuguese language course

Through an efficient and totally innovative hair extension technique, you will be able to seek your much-desired financial independence and be that powerful woman you dreamed of so much!


Hyaluron Pen 2.0

Master the technique has been generating monthly earnings above 20k among beauticians.

The step-by-step guide to using the pressurized pen safely and generating significant gains, charging from R$500 to R$1200 per session, without the need for special licenses in Brazil.

         Portuguese language course

Método RV 

         Portuguese language course

Complete path for you to become a reference professional in curls, curly and wavy in your region

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