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How to increase your Revenue without needing more Customers

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Sounds like a lie, but it's completely possible to increase your beauty salon's revenue without increasing the number of current customers or spending money on advertising. Just follow these 4 Tips:

1. keep consistency Several businesses lose customers and revenue potential every day due to a lack of standardization in their customers' experience. So here begins your “homework”: Make sure your salon is clean and well lit, your employees are attentive and polite, prices are appropriate for your region, convenience services are available (wifi, charger, water, coffee…) and of course, that the services provided are the best possible. And the most important thing: that it happens the same way 100% of the time. Do you doubt that this strategy will increase your revenue? Well, let's go: Studies prove that 95% of our decisions occur in the subconscious (or unconscious). That's right, you are in charge of your decisions only 5% of the time. A little scary, right? Part of that is because our brains are designed to conserve energy as much as possible. And one way it does this is by associating decisions with patterns. Example: Imagine that you are walking down the street and you see two beauty salons, one next to the other. One of the halls is full, with several cars in front. The other was empty, with employees on their cell phones leaning against the front door. Did you imagine? Now answer: In the face of this scenario (one salon full and the other empty), if you had to choose one of them to cut your beautiful hair, which one would it be?

In 95% of the times we could say that the choice would be for the full hall. Your brain associates since childhood that if a place has a queue, is full of people, then it must be good. So let's go into the full hall. He created two standards to save energy (full = good and empty = bad), so if you were to switch from a beauty salon to a restaurant, 95% of the time the decision would still be: choose the one that is full.

Back to consistency When your salon delivers a pleasant experience 100% of the time, it creates a habit (a pattern) for your customers. And in the medium term, they tend to buy more products and services (just suggest them), to come back more often, to recommend them to other friends, because now, more than loyal customers, you have entered their minds.

2. Send emails with Promotions

In the article 3 Free Tools to Boost Your Salon, I talk about Mailchimp, a tool that every salon can use to communicate with their current clients.

Believe me, sending an email is simple, however, many salons do not do it due to lack of knowledge. Get out ahead of everyone and start using today.

You can use it to promote specific promotions for a certain day of the week.

Example: Double Tuesday – For any service done today, you get another one free on your next visit.

It's an excellent stimulus to sell more on a weekday when traffic tends to be weak and, at the same time, retain a customer, as she will need to come back to get the gratuity. And on this free day, nothing prevents you from using strategies aimed at increasing the average ticket for your purchase.

Remember: Human beings are creatures of habit. Create the habit and you will have an increasingly loyal customer and consumer.

3. Assemble Custom Service Plans

Another simple way to increase your revenue based on your current customers is to build customized service plans. Learn what they always buy, when they buy it, and then offer them a customized plan.

How will this increase your revenue?

Simple, within this customized plan, offer some additional services for a fraction of the price. Do you know when McDonalds offers you large potatoes for 1 real more? It's more or less the same way. Add more services, get a great price and watch your revenue increase regularly.

This is another tip that tends to increase revenue, however, increasing the loyalty of your best customers.

4. Properly Signpost Your Salon

Some salons complain that certain products “don't sell”. However, few do an exhibition job the right way. It is necessary to put up posters, correctly signalize the products so that customers buy. It's not just throwing in a corner of the hall and waiting.

Do you know why butchers and bakeries are at the back of supermarkets?

So that people walk through the aisles and end up buying more products, in addition to the ones they went to in the supermarket. That's strategy.

You need to flag the products sold in your salon and what's more, you need to do it smart.

Example: If your salon is frequented by mothers with young children. A good idea would be to place products such as: toys, ornaments and themed combs (Spiderman, Frozen, among others) near the checkout. And of course on low shelves that children can easily see.

Stimulating sales at the right time and to the right audience.

Have you seen how it is possible to develop several ideas and increase your salon's revenue without necessarily needing more clients?

Now it's up to you. Share in the comments below what you think of these tips and what other strategies you use in your day to day to boost your salon sales.

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