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Walkthrough: long wild

Learn the secret of the wild long hair and style it at home with the Tecni.Art line, by L'Oréal Professionnel.

Photo 1: wash the strands and dry them with the dryer.

Photo 2: apply PLI to 80% dry hair. Then rub on a walnut or two of SCRUFF ME.

Photo 3: Divide the hair into triangular sections and create curls

Photo 4: Wrap the locks in paper towels.

Photo 5: dry with dryer or diffuser.

Photo 6: release the locks and work them with your hands, gently untangling them to give the strands a wild texture.

Photo 7: work done

professional tips

To make the hair softer and the curls more shiny, apply a few drops of MYTHIC OIL.

To obtain more volume, after applying SCRUFF ME, dry your hair using a diffuser.

Use PLI and SPIRAL SPLENDOUR to create more defined curls with memory. Mix one walnut of SPIRAL SPLENDOUR with two spritz of PLI.

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