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Infallible Marketing Strategies for my Salon

Marketing strategies are essential for any business or branch, but all actions must be thought out according to your market and public. Some tactics are often so efficient that they become traditional and infallible strategies for businesses, such as your beauty salon. Marketing offers tools and ways to reach customers and sell. Every business owner is interested in selling, we know that your salon is no different. Therefore, it is important to know how to maximize the chances of offering and actually selling your products and services to your target audience. These tips are very important for your business and should be applied as soon as possible so that results are achieved. They are not complicated concepts, quite the contrary, they are simple paths that, with dedication, will make your business go further! See what are the infallible marketing strategies for your beauty salon.

Build a Business Ecosystem

Ecosystem is the name given to the environment in which you have several partners that promote your brand, either remunerated or through benefits for this disclosure. This system contributes to strengthening the business brand, as the image will be linked to that of its partners, generating more credibility for your beauty salon. Work partnerships with local businesses, such as beauty supply stores, organic supplement stores and gyms; these establishments have the same type of public as your salon, with customers concerned with appearance and body care. Clothing stores, perfume and cosmetics stores or sales consultants in catalogs with products related to their universe are also great suggestions for partnerships in this ecosystem. After the partnerships, look for indications through your suppliers so that they can promote your salon, since the company's product is being offered within your business. Your customers represent your pot of gold at the time of referrals, as they are responsible for word-of-mouth marketing, the most efficient to date. Define your partners and the relevant offer you will make for each one, and thus make these partnerships effective in your ecosystem. Have well-defined rules to avoid losses for both sides and have publicity material to help in the partnership. Build quarterly plans to track the progress of actions and how each partnership works. Do not forget that this work is for long-term results, but that will bring a great return if well worked.

Schedule a subscription plan The subscription model works for any market, including salons. The service is ideal for customers looking for convenience and loyalty to a type of product and, above all, service. To define your subscription plan, it is important to study your audience and consumption pattern and, from there, create service packages for your customers and receive a monthly payment. Your salon certainly has loyal customers who come back on a recurring basis and you can offer an extra service, at a more affordable price, within a monthly package. This type of service offers stability to your business, as there is control over the “monthly fees” you will receive. This removes dependence on uncertain movement and increases customer loyalty. Customers are attracted by the availability and convenience offered through their subscription plans. Increase the number of customers One of the main mistakes of beauty salons is to invest in promotion and customer acquisition only at the beginning of the operation and then maintain the promotion with the sole purpose of selling. If you want to expand your business, one of the steps is to constantly increase your clientele. Always think about having a product as a “gateway” for this new customer that makes them stay. Offer a service at low cost so that through it there is a constant source of customers. With this action, not all of your investment will need to be in disclosure. Offer something with high added value, but at an attractive price; this will attract new customers to your salon. Make partnerships with aesthetic and beauty establishments, such as cosmetic stores or spas, so that your entrance service is offered in these places to customers who do not yet know your salon. Another way can be through the existing clientele through indication and special discounts for each new client. This will further retain those who know and use their services due to the exclusive benefit.

Aumentar o ticket médio gasto pelo cliente

Alcançando um número maior de clientes, é necessário que eles consumam mais. A partir do momento que a clientela está no salão para obter determinado serviço, o caminho para vender outras oportunidades se torna mais fácil.

A estratégia nesse caso é pensar em serviços complementares para diferentes perfis de clientes para que haja a necessidade de experimentar aquilo que se é oferecido, pois existe uma vantagem e também a comodidade.

Pense em uma “esteira” de produtos ou serviços estratégicos a serem oferecidos ao longo da experiência do seu cliente em seu salão de beleza. Aplicando essa estratégia, o resultado será notável em poucos meses.

Increase the average ticket spent by the customer Reaching a larger number of customers, it is necessary that they consume more. From the moment the clientele is in the salon to obtain a certain service, the path to selling other opportunities becomes easier. The strategy in this case is to think of complementary services for different customer profiles so that there is a need to try what is offered, as there is an advantage and also convenience. Think of a “treadmill” of strategic products or services to be offered throughout your customer's experience in your beauty salon. Applying this strategy, the result will be remarkable in a few months. Increase the number of customer transactions This step focuses on strategy to get the customer to come back more often than usual. To achieve this result you must offer an incredible experience, but don't think that this will require very complicated actions. A remarkable experience is composed of simple elements, but that make all the difference in a moment of decision for the customer, such as: parking, good service and organization, respect for the scheduled time, attentive professionals and many other details. If your client finds all these points in your beauty salon, you can be sure that the return will happen. The potential of your business together with your creativity will leverage sales and movement in the salon. With commitment and all these strategies, your salon will experience a new phase of growth and great results! Was there any doubt? Write in the comments.

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