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04 TIPS to make the LONG BOB cut work for you!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

See me a long bob, please? It's no wonder that the long bob – won the title of celebrity's favorite haircut. Simple maintenance! Versatile! Sophisticated! The bob still earns points in the democracy factor and works for those with straight, wavy, curly hair, with bangs... and so on. The long bob is an elongated version of the classic bob. "The difference is that the length is just below the shoulders and the ends are asymmetrical and longer than the back of the hair, which gives it a modern, feminine look that is very easy to style on a daily basis."

Ok, you fell in love with the haircut of the moment, the Long Bob, which is already making the heads of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and even Grazi Massafera and Marina Ruy Barbosa, but you are afraid of not achieving the same incredible effect as they? Well, know that not only a good professional scissors is necessary, some tricks you can have a long bob to call yours. 1. Know your hair and make sure the professional will use the right scissors. The base of the Long Bob cut is straight, but the scissors that will be used to make it will make the difference in how your hair will look. If you have a lot of hair, or voluminous hair, the thinning scissors, used to unravel the hair, are your best friend. She will be responsible for giving lightness to the cut. Now, if you have little hair, the ideal is to spike the ends to add volume.

2.Complement the cut according to your face type. Very elongated faces can adopt bangs and bangs to balance the cut; round faces can adopt the straight-length look, which slims and elongates; square faces can opt for peaks to soften straight lines

3.Bet on the colors. The locks in different shades show the layered or layered cuts more and value the cut, in addition to lighting up the face, especially if, along with the length of the Long Bob, there is a fringe in the same cut. An effect that looks beautiful on the long bob is the ombré or, then, some highlights in lighter tones than your natural one to give a nice light play to the locks and illuminate your face. This cut works for both those with straight hair and those with wavy hair, and babyliss can be used to give that beach effect, which is also amazing.

4. Invest in the styling! Abuse of hair styling techniques, either with pomades or curling irons, the more messy your hair looks, the more modern and chic it will look! So, who excited for a change? I look forward to your comments on this haircut!


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