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Why You Need to Know Your Customers

Ever wonder why some customers never come back to your salon? Although there is no official research, we risk saying that in 80% of cases, the customer leaves a salon due to a poorly performed service. Which is very sad, because if salons carried out satisfaction surveys regularly, this index would certainly be different, after all they could identify small problems before they become big ones.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of salons don't care much about their customer's (total) experience. From the moment he calls to book a service until payment, it is not measured, it is not asked and, consequently, the chance to stand out from the competition is lost. Some salon owners have a hard time listening to criticism and definitely forget that it is the clients who “pay the bills”. However, there is also a portion of entrepreneurs who simply do not know how to do simple and effective research. If this is your case, start using our questionnaire. You can find it at the end of this article. Create a routine (process) within your salon to ensure that ALL your clients receive this form during their visit to your establishment. Why is customer feedback critical? Understanding what your customers like about your salon will allow you to do more of it, only better;

Discover your flaws for real (and not just deduce what went wrong); Discovering new ideas will allow you to deliver even better experiences to your customers.

We like to believe that our purchasing decisions are made consciously and rationally, but various psychological studies show that we are far from that. Many of our decisions are unconscious and emotional.

Therefore, constantly collecting this feedback from customers will present you with a “world of possibilities”. Take the opportunity to learn, improve and differentiate yourself from the competition a little every day. Excellence is in the habit of trying to do 1% better every day.

Many salon owners question the research methods and the subjectivity of some information, but in the end, they forget that SOME information is better than ZERO information.

Start with our questionnaire and try to improve it as you feel more secure.

How to: Step by Step

* Print our questionnaire.

* Orient your front desk team to deliver the printed form with a pen upon arrival of each customer.

* Ask them to instruct the client to fill in the survey as they experience each stage of the salon's service. Let them know that you don't need to identify yourself, as the goal is to collect honest responses and improve processes.

* Keep a box at reception and instruct the customer to deposit the completed form before leaving.

* Take this survey for 3 months in a row. Gather as much information as possible from regular customers and new customers.

* Put the repetition of this process in your calendar of activities every 6 months. This way you guarantee 3 months of information gathering and 3 months of concentrated efforts for improvements or new ideas.

One fact is that many customers do not like filling out surveys and will continue to dislike or not fill out surveys if they perceive that nothing is done with their opinions. So the big final step is to analyze the results and take action. Build a simple excel spreadsheet with all the results and feedback in columns. Create 4 additional columns named Priority, Action, Date and Assignee. Rate from 1 to 5 the priority in solving that problem or feedback. In the Action column, inform what will be done, and in the Date and Responsible columns, when and who will perform the action. After posting this article, I saw a very funny video that talks about how the idea of ​​relaxation when going to the beauty salon is nothing more than an illusion these days. Since many people leave the salon even more stressed than when they entered. WHAT IS THE EXPERIENCE your client has when coming to THE BEAUTY SALON? Have you ever stopped to think about what your client's experience is like when being served by you? When I watched this video, it was inevitable not to think about it, even though it is a funny and somewhat mocking video, it brings us this reflection. And as the theme of our last blog post was exactly the need for a customer satisfaction survey, I decided to make a post asking my customers what their experience was like with my service, and with my work environment in yes. And the feedback was really interesting, I invite you to do the same. If you want, you can take a peek and share with your friends and customers to see how YOU are doing too. Feel free to follow the link below that specific post. I hope it helps, that's always the intention. A big hug to everyone!


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