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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

As dramatic as the title may sound, it's true. While you adjust the tone of the dye, wash, perfect the cut and philosophize with you about life, your hairdresser does not take his eyes off your scalp. A happy coincidence can then happen: that mole on top of your head or on the back of your neck catches his attention. Because it wasn't there when he did your hair last time. Or it was there, but it was much smaller. Then, between a tip from him and the consequent visit to the dermatologist, there is a small step. That can make all the difference in the future. According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the United States. And more: about 10% of deaths from melanoma have their origin in the scalp and nape of the neck. A survey published in the American journal Archives of Dermatology indicated that half of the hairdressers consulted are interested in participating in a skin cancer detection program. The authors of this research decided to start a program for barbers and hairdressers, with the aim of enabling them to detect suspected skin cancer on the head and back of the neck, places where self-observation is difficult. Isn't it a good idea to bring this idea to Brazil? Good tip huh guys, have you thought about your client knowing that you have a hairdresser able to help you take care of your health?

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