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Blonde hair is an obsession for many women around the world, but the time and money invested often become a barrier to going in search of the platinum tone.

But the Ombré hair dyeing technique makes it possible to change to blonde locks without requiring frequent retouching and without damaging the strands too much. root of the original hair color.

The high point of ombré hair is the smoky lightening with emphasis on the tips, forming a gradient and a sunburned effect. Several celebrities such as Grazi Massafera, Deborah Secco and Carolina Dieckman have adopted this hairstyle and inspired many women to seek out a beauty salon to change the view. Without a doubt, the success of this technique is justified by its versatility and adaptability for blondes, brunettes, blacks and Asians, and can be applied more gently or intensely.

When we look for a reference to inspire a change of look, it is always important to prioritize that this reference has some similarities with our biotype. Check below a selection of images of bloggers, from different ethnicities and with different hair types so that you can find the one with which you most identify.

Watch the step by step of an ombré Hair without marks with our Brazilian columnist Júlia Morais

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