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6 versatile cut styles for young and mature men

And our super cut guide continues! After bringing inspirations from practical shorts, jaw-dropping mediums and long dreams, now it's their turn. Below you will check 6 very versatile styles of men's cuts to please both young and cool men, as well as those who make the most conservative line. Get inspired!

The look created has shaved sides and a topknot made with good doses of wax. Modern, it is a perfect alternative for men who are more aware of fashion, who need a more up-to-date image for their business.

An Idea idea from Spoiled Hairdressers, Indonesia, for kids: Precisely designed short sideburns with a peaked top using the tip of a pair of scissors.

The surfer style appears renewed in another look by Gregson Gastar. Here the wires were worked with the razor along the entire length. The final touch is due to the fringe finished on the side.

Another proposal from the Spoiled Hairdressers team. The cuia cut, à la Beatles, is very 1970s, takes on a modern look with rounded lines and impeccably straight strands.

The military look, also designed by Gregson Gastar, has disconnected sections with machine-cut sides and an elongated top. The gel-patterned finish nods to '50s rockabilly.

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