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Summer Shade

The proposal here is a sexy blonde, with softness around the face and lots of light at the ends, mimicking the natural effect of the sun. According to hairdresser Mauricio Morelli, from Homa Salon, in São Paulo, this work has soft roots and wicks designed in aluminum foil for a more balanced lightening background. “ They are expressive, to give depth, and the tips gain more luminosity with accentuated discoloration.

” Mauricio reveals that the desired tone is obtained only with a silver shampoo concentrated in the wash after obtaining the nuance that goes from light golden to extremely clear.

“We don't use toner to preserve the unfake result".

” Afterwards, the root is blended to the point of removing the most pronounced marks. “We then lengthened the shading down to the eye line.”

The look is indicated for medium and long strands. Maintenance takes place, on average, every three months.

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